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A serial named as 'Buddha' is being telecasted on Zee TV from 08/09/2013 (Sunday), regularly on every Sunday at 11.00AM. It is re-telecasted on same channel at 7.00 PM also. This serial not based on the facts and has gravely insulted the sentiments of Buddhists on India. Apart from presenting the life of Buddha in mythological way, the relatives of Buddha are wrongly shown. Even the incidents in the life of Buddha are being shown erroneously. It is crime to depict the historical Great Persons in this way and the Producer of Serial Mr B K Modi, Director Mr Ashutosh Govarikar, Owner of Zee TV must be booked under IPC 295A for hurting the sentiments of Indian people.

At the time of Inauguration of Buddha Tv Serial, Mr. Subhash Chandra said,” Ashoka asked Buddha on his concern "what he should do with his army", Buddha suggested "If you want to be non-violent double your army... Ref-
This proves the ill knowledge of Mr Subhash Chandra of the basic history that Buddha and Ashoka never met each other. There is no question of any communication between them. Ashoka was born on 304 BCE and died on 231 BCE.  Buddha was born on 563 BCE and died on 482 BCE.
The telecasters and producers mention that they had taken many references to produce the history / life of Buddha in a dramatized way  and they claim that they do not want to hurt the sentiments of any body. But the fact is that they (the producer and telecaster) had produced this serial with an malicious intention to distort the life of Buddha and also to hurt the sentiments of Buddhists.

If, their intention is not to distort the history and life and Buddha, then they must have taken the views of the Buddhist Organisations and Buddhist scholars of India, mostly from the Maharashtra, because the Buddhism is revived in India in 1956 by Dr Ambedkar and there are many Learned Buddhist Scholar in Maharashtra. As they had not taken the views of these people and had not screened the serial beforehand from these people, the intention of the producer is nothing but to hurt the religious sentiments of Buddhists of India.

It is will be clearly proved from the following illustrations that there is a cruel and wicked attempt by the producer and telecaster of the serial to distort the factual history of Buddha, depict him as an mythological figure and to hurt the sentiments of the Buddhists of India.

            Therefore this serial must be stopped immediately.

Facts about the Literature on Buddha's Life:

Buddha is not any mythological figure. He is considered as the Most Scientific thinker by the Greatest Albert Einstine and Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Therefore his depiction in any form has to in a true and authentic manner, and not in mythological form.

There are a number of books written in Sanskrit, Sinhali, Hindi and English, on the life biography of Buddha (Siddartha Gautama). First one was written by Ashvaghosha during 1st century in Sanskrit, which is named as 'Buddha Charita'. Later many books were written in Sanskrit like Lalitvistara, Mahavastu,  Nidankatha etc. during 400 to 500 AD  In Srilanka, books named as 'Buddhavansho' and 'Mahavansho' are written in Simhali language during 600 to 700 AD. None of these texts give the true treatise of the biography of Buddha. Buddha's relatives are differently mentioned in all of them except his father's, mother's and wife's name. All of them give diverse names of the relatives of Buddha. This has confused the people.

All of them are mythological and not based on the scientific or natural life of Buddha. To know the true Biography of Buddha (SIddarth Gautama) one has to rely on 'Tri-Pitika'. Tri-Pitiaka' are supposed to be the non-controversial for the life and treatise of Buddha. The another most authentic book may be relied on will be the book "Buddha and His Dhamma' written by the 'Maker of Constitution of India' and 'Greatest Indian' Dr B R Ambedkar.

Any other references or books written on the life of Buddha will be confusing. Therefore it is suggested that to depict the life Buddha one has to refer either 'Tri-Pitika' or 'Buddha and His Dhamma'. It seems that the serial 'Buddha' created/produced by Mr B K Modi do not give the true treatise of Buddha's life. In none of these books there is any mention of the mythological God Ram and Vishnu. But the serial is depicting them now and then in the episodes of serial.

The details of the Episode wise objectionable depictions are as under:


1.      The beginning is done by showing the mythological figures of Rama, Krishna etc and it is shown Buddha also takes birth on this earth, in their legacy for the betterment of humankind.

Objection- There is no such mention in Tri-Pitika. Also Buddha has denied any incarnation (Please ref- Part II—How Similarities in Terminology Conceal Fundamental Difference,  of Book IV 'Religion and Dharma' of "BUDDHA AND HIS DHAMMA", writer Dr B R Ambedkar)

2.      It is shown that Buddha period is later than the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Objection- In fact Govt of India has declared that Rama and Krishna are the mythological figures. As for as the period is concerned, it is proved from the Archeaological Reports and excavations that Ramayana and Mahabharata are written after the period of Buddha. These books are literature are written in Sanskrit Language, whose script is Devnagari. It is proved that Devnagari script and Sanskrit Languages are created from the Scripts or Pali Language. Upto the period of 100 BC, all the stone inscriptions are in Pali scripts. Sanskrit inscriptions are found from the period of 400 AD, i.e. after 800 years of Buddha. Therefore the Ramayana and Mahabharata were written after after Buddha. Govt of India has published that the Brahminical literature were created after the period of Buddha. There is mention of Buddha in Ramayana. Puranas were started to write from 2nd AD. Mahabharata was written after Ramayana.

Govt of India has published that the Brahminical literature were created after the period of Buddha. There is mention of Buddha in Ramayana. Puranas were started to write from 2nd AD. Mahabharata was written after Ramayana. Showing their existence prior to Buddha is untrue and misleading, which is an criminal attempt to keep the Indians in dark.

3.      It is shown that the first wife of king Shuddodhan is Sterile woman, incapable to bear the child. Later a Yagna is held and she bears the child.

Objection- There is no such mention in the Buddhist Literatures. Secondly, this is a superstitious depiction and stops the development of scientific temper in the people.

4.      The name of Shuddodhan's brother is shown as Durnodhan.

Objection- As per Buddhist literature this name is no where mentioned.

5.      A Brahmin is shown as predicting the birth of Buddha in the same Nakshtra as Rama

Objection- God Rama is a mythological figure, which is accepted by the Supreme Court of India. Secondly, Ramayana is written after Buddha, therefore there is intentional distortion of historical facts. Also propagation of predictions is against the Constitutional provision of spreading the Scientific Temper in the people.

6.      Everywhere an existence of Brahmin is shown in the Serial

Objection- As per the Book 'Digh Nikaya' of 'Tri Pitika' the City of King Shuddhodhana, Kapilvastu is named after a great sage Kapila, who was predecessor of Buddha. He was atheist. His all the followers were atheist and on his name only the city of Shuddodhana was named as Kapilvastu, i.e. Kapila+Vastu. There is another reference in the same book that Buddha is asked by one person, "Why the residents of Kapilvastu do not respect the Brahmins?". This proves that the people of Kapilvastu were atheist and did not respect the Brahmins. Therefore the existence and guidance of Brahmins at every stage of Buddha's life or by his father is away from the truth.

A great researcher Rhys Davis has read all the ancient religious literature in Sanskrit and Pali. He had translated all the Buddhist texts (including Tri-Pitakas) in English. He had analyzed the brahminical literature and Buddhist literatures and had written books, which are considered as most authentic source for the study of history of ancient religions in India. In his book "Early Buddhism" he has mention that, "there was not any Brahminical influence in the Sakya and Koliyas. There was not any caste system. There was not any King in Kapilvastu. There was no worship of human Gods in Kapilvastu." (Part I and II)

7.      It is shown that Mahamaya, the mother of Siddarth Gautama was sterile and bears the child on conducting a yagna called as "Putra Kameshti Yagna".

Objection- As per 3 and 8 above. What is Putra Kameshti Yagna? Dr B R Ambedkar has vividly described the facts of Putra Kameshti Yagna in his book "Riddles of Hinduism" (Part-II) and the Vol 8, Writing and Speeches of Dr B R Ambedkar, published by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of Govt of India and The Education Department, Government of Maharashtra. Dr Ambedkar has clarified that a Putra Kameshti Yagna was performed for the birth of Ram and his 4 siblings, where the infertility of the father King Dashrath is evident and the queens had to have sex with the Brahmins to bare the children. These facts of Putra Kameshti Yagna are also depicted in the movie named as "Eklavya", starring Boman Irani, Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan etc. In this movie it is clearly depicted that the King Boman Irani is an impotent and the queen Sharmila Tagore is taken to Kashi to have sex with the sages to bare the children. Thus the concept of 'Putra Kameshti Yagna' is such an ugly tradition.

In 'Tri Pitika' or in any other famous literatures of Buddha life, there is no mention of this type of nonsense matter. Therefore, by showing the birth of Buddha through the concept/tradition of 'Putr Kameshti yagna' is a malicious attempt of proving Buddha's Father or Mother as infertile, and Buddha as illegitimate son of any other person. Therefore this is the biggest insult to Buddha in the 2500 years of Buddhism.

Episode 2:

1.      Serial starts with chanting of brahminical Mantra in Sanskrit.

Objection- As per Objection No-2 in Episode 1. Sanskrit Language was created after 300 years of Buddha. As per the historical evidences the grammar of Sanskrit Language was created by the Sage Panini. He was brahmin Monk. He cultured the Pali Language and crated the Sanskrit Language. Even the script of Sanskrit Language is Devnagari. Devnagari was created from the Pali Script. As per Archeaological reports Sanskrit Language and Devnagari scripts are subsequent to the Pali language.

2.      Prajapati tells Shuddodhan that he can not meet his new born son for one month as per the Vediki Knowledge and Brahmins.
            Objection-  As per Objection No- 6 in Episode 1.
3.      Mahamaya tells to Mahaprajapita that she is the Yashoda of Siddarth.

Objection- As per Objection No-2 in Episode 1.

4.      The representative of Spice Production Group Mr Trehan had met to the representatives of the Bharat Leni Sanwardhan Samitte (BLISS) and had assured to not to show the Putra Kameshti Yagna in future accordingly, strip of not showing the Putra Kameshti Yagna was in future was run in the beginning of this Episode.

Objection-  But there is mention of this Yagna by the king Shuddodhana at the time of burning of the pyre of Mahamaya. The producers and the telecasters are the criminal minded people, they cannot adhere to their assurances and promises. Therefore this serial must be closed and banned from telecast in future. (They had assured on 20/09/2013 to the Morcha carried to the office of Zee TV at Worli, Mumbai, that they will cut the unwanted clips from the future Episodes. They  shown the Episode 3 to the representatives and the representatives asked to remove some unwanted clips, but as per their criminal tendencies they didn't. Episode 3 was telecasted without cuts).

5.      There is continuous involvement of Brahmins in Kapilvastu and in the palace of King Shuddodhan.
            Objection-  As per Objection No 6 in Episode 1.
6.      Shuddodhan wants to make Siddarth as Emperor.  
Objection- As per historical evidences Sakya state of Kapilvastu was not a sovereign kingdom or state, it was under the paramountacy of the Kosala Kingdom. The Maker of Constitution and Greatest Indian Dr B R Ambedkar has mention in his book "Buddha and His Dhamma" ("::BOOK I::" SIDDHARTH GAUTAMA—HOW A BODHISATTA BECAME THE BUDDHA, PART I : FROM BIRTH TO PARIVRAJA) that " The result of this paramountcy was that the Sakya State could not exercise certain sovereign powers without the sanction of the King of Kosala".  In this part itself Dr Ambedkar has mentioned that Kapilvastu was a dependant state and Sakyas used to rule their state in turn i.e. there was not a system of becoming King from a single family. Therefore the proclamation of Shuddodhan that he wants Siddartha to become an Emperor is distortion of History.

Episode 3:
Major Objection: As per Objection No 2 in Episode 2. The producer and the telecasters had assured on 20/09/2013 to the Morcha carried to the office of Zee TV at Worli, Mumbai, that they will cut the unwanted clips from the future Episodes. They shown the Episode 3 to the representatives and the representatives asked to remove some unwanted clips, but as per their criminal tendencies they didn't. Episode 3 was telecasted without cuts).

1.      Mention of birth of Siddartha due to yagna.

Objection- This is untrue and superstitious. Such type of portrayal kills the scientific temper in the minds of the people. The producer and telecasters did not followed their assurance of not mentioning the yagna.

2.      Chanting of Brahmin Mantras in Sanskrit.

Objection- As per Objection No 2 of Episode 1.

3.      Mention of Mahabharata by King Shuddodhan.

Objections- As per Objection No 2 of Episode 1.

4.      Illogical character of Shuddodhan.

Objection- Mangala tries to  sexually entice Shuddodhan, where he admonishes her with the sermons of moral conduct. At another instance he is shown as watching female dances lecherously in his courtroom. This type of depiction is illogical. Shuddodhan was moral, his watching of dancing women libidinously is unacceptable.

5.      Declaration of war on Magadh and Kosal Kingdom by Shuddodhan

Objection- As per Objection No 6 of Episode 2.

6.      Depiction of Shuddodhan as a cruel King.

Objection- The whole serial tries to show the King Shuddohana as a cruel king and not abiding to rules of Gana. Shuddodhanas state was a Ganrajya. There was not Monarchy as per Dr B R Ambedkar in his book "Buddha and his Dhamma". The Kings in such state where the Kings are changed regular basis can not be a unruly and behave in an autocratic way. The presentation of expelling the villagers by beating with sticks and total absence of any humanity is  irrational and unacceptable. It is an untrue history. As per Dr B R Ambedkar's book the King of the Kapilvastu were also used to plow their farm themselves physically. Only they had the bigger farm compared to others. There can not be a feeling of pride and arrogance in the Kings of Shakya Clan. Whole depiction is ugly, untrue and illogical.

7.      Irrelevant blaming to Siddartha for the death of his mother Mahamaya:

Objection-   This is highly irrelevant and objectionable statement.

8.      Wrong depiction of Mother of Devdatta

Objection- As per "Buddha and His Dhamma" and Tri-Pitika, Devdatta is the son of Amita, the sister of Shuddodhana. But in this serial Devdatta is shown as the son of one (unknown character in Buddha history) Dronadanraja and Mangala. These characters are absent in Tri-Pitika and "Buddha and His Dhamma". Such type of mythological depiction distorts the History.

9.      Showing the Statue of Vishnu in the palace of Shuddodhan

Objection-   As per Objection No 2 in Episode 1.

10.   Mention of Bharat Varsh by Shuddodhan

Objection-  Bharat Varsh or Bharat name/word to the kingdom of ancient India is no where mentioned in Tri-Pitaka and "Buddha and His Dhamma". As per the Archealogical findings this nation was called as Jambu Dwipa. As per the historical finding the introduction of word Bharata is much later. Indian was known as Jambudwipa in ancient period, then it was known as Hindustan in period of Mugal Rule, then it was known as India in the Rule of Britishers. India was never called as Bharat till the framing of Constitution. The Maker of Constitution gave the name "Bharat" to this Nation, by mentioning "India means Bharat" in the Part-I of Constitution.

11.   Superstitious depiction of tears from the eyes of Siddarth

Objection-   This is totally illogical and harmful for the Nation as it hampers the development of  scientific temper. This type of presentation spreads superstition in the people. This is against the Article 51 A of Constitution, which deals for the Fundamental Duties of the Citizen.

Episode 4:

1.      Worship of Idol of Rama by Little Siddarth;

Objection- There was no idol worship in Buddha's period. The Maker of Constitution of India and the Greatest Indian has categorically denied the existence of idol worship in the period of Buddha. Dr Ambedkar had researched out the history of Rama, Krishna, Ramayana, Mahabhabharta, Vedas, Upnishads, Puranas etc on the basis of Brahminical and Buddhist Literature, which is compiled by the Govt of India as "Riddles of Hinduism". His research and findings are published the Ministry of Social Justice of Govt of India in form of "Writing and Speeches" of Dr Ambedkar. Further the Archeaological findings also prove that there was no temple in the period of Buddha.

Indian Buddhists have embraced Buddhism on 14/10/1956 at Nagpur along with the 22 Pledges given by Dr B R Ambedakr. These Pledges were devised by him on the basis of lifelong research work. He had arrived to conclusion that without following these pledges nobody can be a Buddhist.  To become a Buddhist, one has to follow these 22 Pledges. These 22 Pledges had become the breath to the Buddhists. 1st Pledge of it, is that 'I will not worship and do not believe in Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh'. 2nd Pledge is that "I will not worship and do not believe in Rama and Krishna". Therefore imbibing Rama, Krishna, Vishnu in Buddhism in any form, is a dire insult to Dr B R Ambedkar and the Buddhists. The followers of Ambedkar cannot tolerate this in any circumstances.

The history of Buddha has to be based on the Tri-Pitikas, which are the only authentic books of Buddhism. As per Tri-Pitika there is no temple and worshipping of Gods or worshipping of Rama during the period of Buddha. Therefore showing the worship of Rama, by Siddartha in this Episode is grave deviation from the truth and is cruel mischief of Brahminical people to defame Buddha.

2.      Based on the research of Dr Ambedkar, the followers of Dr Ambedkar know that there is always a mischief played by the Brahminical people to depict Buddha as incarnation of Vishnu (Dashavatara). Govt of India has banned such movies and depictions in the Past, based on this research of the Maker of the Constitution of India.

3.      Yashodhara (wife of Siddarth) is shown as daughter of Amita (sister of Siddartha's father)

Objection-  True reference need to be taken from the Tri-Pitaka. Yashodhara was not the daughter of Amita. But the daughter of Pamita, another younger sister of Shuddodhana. Please refer the Book "Old Path, White Clouds", P No-32, by Thich Nhat Han. The story writer of the serial Mr Gajra Kotari himself had said that this book is the complete book on Buddha (Refer. Times of India, Dated 19/09/2013).

4.      A huge statue of Vishnu in sleeping posture is shown in the house of Siddartha

Objection-  As per Objection No 2 in Episode 1. This is the criminal violation of history.

5.      Chanting of OM by Little Siddartha:
Objection-   Chanting of OM is a brahminical tradition. It is no where found in the Buddhism. Buddhists hate the chanting of OM. It is an intentional crime on the part of the producer and telecasters to hurt the Buddhists.

6.      Shuddodhan (father of Siddartha) says that he wants Siddartha to be an Emperor of Bharat

Objection-  As per Objection No 10 of Episode 3.

Wrong depictions in serial has invoked the Indian Buddhists and they had held demonstrations in various cities of India. In Mumbai a violent morcha was lead to the office of Zee TV on 20/09/2013, they might have broken the office of Zee TV.

Therefore this serial from its 1st episode has impaired the religious sentiments of Indian Buddhists and also had violated the historical facts. This type of wrong depictions makes the Indian National fools. Wrong history will be imbibed in the memory of the people and kids of India. Future generation of India will know only this wrong history.

Therefore, it is earnestly requested to your esteemed authority to ban this serial totally and stop its further telecast immediately, for maintaining peace and harmony in the society.

It is felt by the Buddhist Scholar and Learned people of India that Buddha was not a mythological figure, but an exceptional phenomenon in the history of the humankind, who had an expression of Love, Benevolence and Compassion always on his face. This type of expression can not be possible for any actor . The followers of Buddha have an unparallel respect for him. Showing of Buddha's face has been avoided in the past, in visual media. In the past, Buddha was shown only in the form of images or shadows. Buddha's face can be portrayed in painting but bringing it on the face of a real human person is next to impossible. Therefore in any visual medias except paintings, showing of Buddha's face need to be prohibited.